Made to Measure Tailoring

The primary benefit of made to measure suiting is the fit , which is the most important part of a suit.  Made to measure means that it is created to your body measurements. If you require a certain style of fit or fall of your suit please specify your fitting.

At your consultation, this is the opportunity for you to customize and select many of the variables of your suit (fabric, style, lapels, buttons, pockets, vents etc).

At the consultation you choose a fabric and lining, your measurements are taken. Around 30 measurements most of which are for the jacket. 

There are different styles of jackets to choose - from single button – single breasted to double breasted double button – options are what you desire.

If you have a picture of a particular suit you like - may it be the colour, the fabric or style, we will try to match this as close as possible - made to your body measurements.

The next step in the process is deciding the details of your jacket (lapel style and width of lapels, colour of buttons, colour of button holes, number of buttons, vent style etc). 

Deciding details for the Trouser: slide closure, pleats, belt loops, no cuffs, button side tabs and suspender buttons.

In about around 4 weeks time from your consultant appointment and deposit placed – your final fitting will be arranged.


Our made to measure suits are made to fit you as a specific individual. We start with a base pattern which is used and modified depending on your measurements. An initial fitting will take place to take your measurements. After we take your measurements we draft a design together taking into account your preferences and our experience. Depending on your desires we can make one final alteration to the final product at delivery. (additional fitting charge may apply.)